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All of our lawyers are experts who continue their work with the founding of Kather Augenstein in 2016. We are a focused and very powerful team with the experience and know-how of the largest law firms. We work closely together, are highly specialised, and combine our knowledge effectively to your advantage. Naturally, this includes issues of international reach as intellectual property does not stop at borders. We work seamlessly with similarly experienced law firms around the world, and coordinate international legal disputes.

We are thus able to supervise major mandates with complex issues. In court litigation we do not only master the strategy, we will also bring our creativity and ideas fully to the fore, to get the best possible outcome for you.

We like to fight for you.

We work exclusively in litigation, because we prefer contentious disputes. Contentious and complex proceedings require a special approach and organisation. Our kind of approach.
However, we will not fight for the sake of it, but always in your best interest: You are our top priority. We appreciate your concern that your interests may not be heard with sufficient care and, also, the stressful situation and heavy pressure that legal disputes entail. We are aware of the impact that a dispute over monopoly rights may have, especially if a ban on production is at stake. We also have extensive experience with arbitration. We are regularly nominated as arbitrators, and are thus familiar with the other side of the bench.

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Patent law

We translate even the most complex issue into simple terms.

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Design, brands, unfair competition

Your uniqueness and reputation are in safe hands with us

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