We love the big case.

Our areas of expertise Deciphering complex structures

Our passion: deciphering complex structures. We dig deep into every case to get to the bottom of things.

Areas of expertise


Patents and utility models are the focus of our activities. We have already enforced IP rights from all technical fields, in particular telecommunications, automotive, pharmaceuticals, medical technology, biotechnology, nanotechnology, mechanical engineering, chemistry and many more.

Trademarks and designs

It is no longer the production costs that determine the success of a company in Europe in a world based on the division of labour. This is because low-cost production options are now open to every company worldwide. Strong brands and unmistakable designs are what are becoming increasingly important for your success – we help you protect them. So that your brands remain unmistakable and everyone recognises where quality and originality are at home. Strong brands and designs will always encounter many envious people, but don’t worry: they are in safe hands with us.

Unfair competition

Are you troubled by a competitor who advertises in a misleading way, spreads business-damaging facts or otherwise violates the Unfair Competition Act (UWG)? We will help you to get everything back on track.

Litigation PR

Patent and trademark disputes always attract a lot of attention. With our experience, we ensure that our clients also make a good impression on the public. If necessary, we offer litigation PR in cooperation with a trusted service provider. Because nowadays, only those who take all communicative developments into account will emerge successfully from legal disputes – and not only in court, but also in the public eye.

Our team

Procedural management with vision

We bring our passion for contentious cases to every case, providing you with realistic evaluations on which to base important business decisions.

Our team