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#wirfahrenmit: climate-friendly and health-promoting on the road with the service bike

We are very proud that a large number of our employees benefit from our digital service bike programme with @DeutscheDienstrad. This adds another important component to our multifaceted portfolio of employee benefits, while at the same time important building block and at the same time promote the health of our team.

With the Deutsche Dienstrad offer, we provide our employees affordable and climate-neutral access to sustainable mobility. Due to the free choice of brands, models and manufacturers, all wishes remain unfulfilled and each employee has the opportunity to individually design his or her dream bike.

With the MobilityHub of Deutsche Dienstrad, every participant decides where and how they choose and receive their service bike.

Together, we are making an active contribution to climate protection and having a positive effect on CO2 emissions of our world, both professionally and privately.

We make Germany move with our #team at @KatherAugenstein.