We are at home in complex cases

Our passion is to decipher apparently contradictory facts, and to get to the root of a problem. We delve into our work and never give up. We analyse the facts together with you, your experts and participating patent attorneys. We act as translators for the judge in court. When it gets really complicated, it is essential to find simple words. Our language is comprehensible to the layperson.


Patents and utility models are the focus of our work at Kather Augenstein. We have enforced intellectual property rights in all technical areas, notably telecommunications, automotive, pharmaceutical, medical technology, bio-technology, nano-technology, engineering, chemistry and many more.
One of our core competencies is to make complex technical issues readily understandable. Our profession faces the challenge of the Unified Patent Court, an entirely new system, without established legal principles or precedent. In conjunction with colleagues at foreign law firms, we have engaged with the subject, and delved into the new law and procedure from different national perspectives. Since legal judges will be even more dominant at the Unified Patent Court, our role as translators is also set to become even more important in the future. The partners of Kather Augenstein were accepted as being readily qualified to act as judges for the new Unified Patent Court; an expertise that will be much to your advantage.

Trademarks and designs

Given the global division of labour, the decisive factor in the success of a company in Europe no longer hinges solely on production costs. That is because every business is now in a position to access cost-effective manufacturing options outside of Europe. Strong brands and distinctive designs are becoming increasingly important for your success, and we will help you protect them, to ensure that you remain distinctive, and that customers recognise true quality and originality. Strong brands and designs will always be subject to envy, but fear not! With us, you are in safe hands.

Unfair competition

Are you troubled by a competitor publishing misleading advertising, disseminating facts constituting trade libel, or otherwise violating laws against unfair competition? We will help you get matters back on track.

Equally, if someone accuses you of unfair behaviour or breach of intellectual property rights, you’ve come to the right place. We will defend your rights against unjustified claims.

Litigation PR

Patent and trademark disputes always attract a lot of attention. With our experience, we ensure that our clients also make a good impression in the public eye. If necessary, we offer Litigation-PR in cooperation with a trusted service provider.

Nowadays only those who take account of all communicative developments will emerge successfully from legal disputes – not only in court, but also in the public perception.


No matter how complex your request, you’ve come to the right place. Arrange for an appointment with us. We can help.

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