Dr Peter Kather



My name is Peter Kather. I am founding partner of Kather Augenstein and have over 30 years of experience in advising and litigating in the field of intellectual property.

The focus of my work is on technical IP rights. I have handled hundreds of patent infringement cases in the first and second instance before the Regional Courts and Higher Regional Courts and accompanied in the revision instance at the Federal Court of Justice.

The spectrum of my work ranges from mechanical engineering and telecommunications to chemistry and biotechnology. In addition to the infringement proceedings, I am involved in parallel opposition proceedings before the DPMA and the EPO as well as in nullity proceedings before the German Federal Patent Court (BPatG) and the Federal Court of Justice (BGH). A particular focus of my work is on cross-border proceedings, of those I have been in the lead of numerous in Germany and have coordinated internationally.

My assistant is Lydia Giesert.

Looking back at the development of Kather Augenstein since its founding, I am pleased that we have established ourselves at the top of the market.

Dr Peter Kather, Senior Partner

I see my main role as working out the best arguments together with the clients. Close cooperation with in-house or external patent lawyers is an important piece in the mosaic of understanding the various technical issues and being able to communicate them to the court.

In addition to forensic work, I regularly give lectures at seminars and conferences. Due to my many years of experience, I am also more and more requested to act as an arbitrator.

Representative cases
  • Patent dispute summary proceedings on distress call technology on behalf of an automobile manufacturer against a patent licensing agency

  • International patent disputes in the telecommunications sector (FRAND)

  • Equivalence as per the BGH “occlusion device” (Higher Regional Court [OLG] of Dusseldorf, GRUR-RR 2014, 185, “toilet seat hinge”)

  • International patent litigation on biotechnological vaccines for animals

  • International patent litigation over “click” technology for floor coverings

  • Summary proceedings for recently issued patents (OLG Dusseldorf, MittdtPatA 2011 193, “urinary catheter kit”)

  • Patent dispute over information rights in summary proceedings (OLG Dusseldorf, GRUR-RR 2011 81 “floating calliper disk brakes”)

  • International patent litigation on sole structure in footwear

  • International patent litigation concerning medical devices (eg stents, thermocycler)

  • Proceedings concerning the EU-wide conditions for the registration as a Community trade mark for traffic enforcement, to be regarded as descriptive (CFI BeckEuRS 2011 579031)

  • Patent dispute series on remanufactured printer cartridges for inkjet printers

  • Long-term representation of a pharmaceutical manufacturer in disputes concerning permissible advertising claims

  • Patent dispute on behalf of a Japanese automobile manufacturers on hybrid technology

  • International patent dispute over the eligibility of patents (rei vindicatio) on transponder technology

  • Systems dispute between automobile manufacturers (BGH, GRUR 2006, 131, “side-glance mirror”)

  • Permissibility of national border seizure against infringing parallel imports (BFH, not published)

  • Patent litigation against illegal re-importation of pesticides (BGH, GRUR 2000, 299, “Karate”)

  • Dispute on inventor remuneration for the managing director of a KG (BGH 1990, 193 “car child seat”)

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Peter Kather stands out due to his great experience and calm negotiation skills.

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