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The Pharmaceutical Intellectual Property and Competition Law Review: Christopher Weber and Dr Benjamin Pesch publish on recent developments of Intellectual Property and Competition Law in the pharmaceutical sector in Germany

The Pharmaceutical Intellectual Property and Competition Law Review is an annual hardcover and online guide covering legal and market developments in key jurisdictions in the pharmaceutical sector worldwide. As an “annual review”, the publication provides a detailed analysis of recent developments in legislation and its interpretation by national authorities around the world and aims to give users an insight into future trends.

It serves as a useful tool for managing global risks in this field and analyses the key elements of the relevant legal and regulatory frameworks in the major jurisdictions worldwide. With 11 chapters in total, the publication covers a wide range of important european and international jurisdictions. In Chapter 4 our partner Christopher Weber and our counsel Dr Benjamin Pesch highlight current developments in the german market based on their expertise in the pharmaceutical sector.

“The pharmaceutical sector is one of the most global industries, with many companies operating in dozens of countries with different legal jurisdictions and healthcare systems. In the field of patent law, there are several remarkable developments. On the one hand, there is the reform of Injunctive Relief Act and, on the other hand, the launch of the UPC is coming up. Therefore, opportunities and risks increase for patents that are part of this new system”, says Christopher Weber.

“We advise and represent our clients especially on this background and are particularly pleased that we can also present perspectives on antitrust and pharmaceutical law here”, adds Dr Benjamin Pesch.

A detailed overview about the German chapter is available here. Excerpts of the publication will also be published as part of our partnership on Lexology. If you are interested in a hardback copy of the publication, please contact our two authors:



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